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Beginner Skateboarding Books

Beginner Skateboarding Books

Your child wondering about skateboarding? Don’t know where to start? Look no further. Find our list of skateboarding books for beginner skateboarding below.

Skateboarder’s Start-Up: A Beginner’s Guide to Skateboarding

San Diego resident and well known author, Doug Werner is the author of nearly 15 books on sports and fitness. One of his well known series is the Start-Up Sports series. Steve Badilo is a professional skater. He is also the camp director at the Skatelab Summer camp in Simi Valley, California. Co-author of Skateboarder’s Start-Up: A Beginner’s Guide to Skateboarding (Start-Up Sports series) (grades 4-8)and Skateboarding: New Levels: Tips and Tricks for Serious Riders (grades 7+). Steve performs many stunts for ad campaigns and music videos. He currently lives in Ventura, California.

Both great books for beginning skateboarders. The books includes the basics of skateboarding, tips for controlling fear, focusing, and visualizing. The books describe in detail some of the various skateboarding tricks. These books can set the foundation for a new skateboarder and allow them to progress more rapidly. This allows the child to have fun quicker making it more likely they will continue the sport.

Practically all aspects of skateboarding are covered including the different types of boards that are available, the different wheels, their bearings and different skateboarding surfaces. Your child will be riding fast in no time.

A Beginner’s Guide to Skateboarding – Pros

  • Skateboarder’s Start-Up: A Beginner’s Guide to Skateboarding (Start-Up Sports series) is in a FAQ format and makes it an easy read for the skateboarder.
  • The authors cover the topic of safety while skateboarding and the book describes everything right from the equipment needed, to the history, to the basics of skating, to some of the technical tricks.
  • The guide offers an amazing list of resources which includes camps, museums, books, skate parks, websites, etc.
  • The books give details on the common tricks that every skater should know.
  • The books also offer some humorous and honest interviews with skating professionals.
  • Skateboarding: New Levels: Tips and Tricks for Serious Riders includes nearly 500 new images, detailed instructions and photographs of different foolproof methods to make any skateboarding novice an expert.
  • This is the best book for beginner skateboarders and the language is extremely lucid and easy to understand.


  • The authors talk about safety measures and how one should use helmets. However, most of the pictures depict the professionals without any safety gear. This gives child a confusing message.
  • The quality of print is somewhat low and some of the pictures in the book are black and white, out of which most of them are blurred.

Beginner Skateboarding Video

No time to read and want to get started quicker? Check out this handy instructional DVD!

Skateboarding Made Simple Vol 1 - Beginner Skateboarding

Braille Skateboarding, is a by skateboarders and for skateboarders channel! They feature a lot of tutorial videos and even have a service where you can send them your best trick attempts and they add a voiceover on your video giving you advice on how to improve your skating. Find more information of them at:

The video does really well with its foot positioning, weight positioning, movement and timing are very important factors to think about in skateboarding and are shown clearly in SMS and we also like the way it is is filmed too. Different angles, viewpoints, and slow motion really help to show you how the trick goes down. Have fun!

Beginner Skateboarding – Conclusion

Check out any of these resources today and get someone inspired. What other resources do you recommend? Let us know!

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