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Best Skateboard Wheels

Best Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheelbases have improved over the recent decades. In fact, adjustable wheelbases are being drilled into a lot of popular deck brands these days.

This actually provides flexibility for riders, especially for those who are yet to discover their rhythm. If you are new to skateboarding, it would be better to choose a board with an adjustable wheelbase for you to be able to adjust them later.

There are a lot of things to consider in choosing a skateboard. Most people mainly focus on choosing the deck so that sometimes the wheelbase is being overlooked.

Wheelbase selection may not be a priority for newbie riders but for the intermediate and professional level skateboarders, the wheelbase is just as important as the skateboard’s deck.

A good deck will generally perform like a mediocre one if the quality of the wheelbase is not on the same level. So we’ll save the discussion on choosing a skateboard’s deck and just focus on wheelbase selection this time.

The deck’s wheelbase is definitely an important parameter in the skateboard’s overall performance. It basically dictates how smooth the ride will be. It is also a factor in the skate’s maneuverability.

Generally, the wheelbase is divided into two major categories based on its size:

  • Longer wheelbases which range from 25 inches above are better in terms of stability at high speeds, are easier to control and are very predictable in a slide.
  • Shorter wheelbases which measure 25 inches or smaller tend to be more responsive, especially in doing turns, and they provide a better grip.

Those who are just learning how to ride a skateboard are advised to choose the longer wheelbases mainly for the stability they provide.

Intermediate and advanced skaters prefer the shorter wheelbases because they are easier to learn and test different tricks with as they are more responsive and easier to control.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

Professional and intermediate riders alike are talking about the Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down stained Complete Longboard because of its impressive wheelbase.

First of all, it has a very firm set of trucks with bushings that keeps it stable even at very high speeds and with abrupt speed changes. In fact, it was run at about 35 mph and there was no observed wobbling.

Aside from its durable board designed with a 9-ply maple deck, the wheels of this board are some of the best you can find in the market.

It sports HD7 Heavy Duty trucks made of aluminum alloy and the wheels measure 70x52mm wheels with a 78a hardness.

SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down / Drop Through Complete Longboards

SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down / Drop Through Complete Longboards

When it comes to the skateboard’s wheelbase, the SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down / Drop Through Complete Longboard is one of the very few products which gained a reputation in that department.

It’s known mainly because of its durable drop down deck that has been enhanced to cater to an advanced level of skating. But aside from that, it is also made of an excellent set of wheelbases that include firm trucks, super tight bearings and durable wheels.

The construction of the wheelbase has been engineered such that it creates excellent spin on its wheels and allow easy control and maneuverability.

Penny Skateboards Complete Longboard

Penny Skateboards Complete Longboard

Being one of the most well-known brands for skateboards, the Penny Skateboards Complete Longboard is considered an excellent board with a price that can be justified by its performance on the streets and ramps.

It is a very reliable board with a deck made out of a specially-formulated plastic, intended for more strength and flexibility.

It sports navy cushions and premium Abec 9 v-channel bearings with wheels that measures 69mm in diamater and 83a durometer in hardness.

These are only three out of a thousand available options for skateboards. For newbies out there, choosing the best one for you may be tricky but this list should guide you and somehow give you an idea on what to choose.

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