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Best Skating Shoes

Best Skating Shoes

Aside from being considered as an extreme sport, skateboarding is also being perceived as a lifestyle. Advanced and professional riders adapt the ‘street culture’ of the general skateboarding crowd so that their fashion sense is also influenced by this sport.

What most people don’t know is that other aspects of their fashion is intended for riding purposes as opposed to the general misconception that they are just doing it for the ‘swag’.

Skateboarding shoes, for example, are actually designed to improve the rider’s performance.

Here’s a list of things that you need to look for in skateboarding shoes.


Having stylish and kickass-looking skating shoes will be useless if you are not comfortable while wearing them. Comfort must be your priority if you are going to use them for a lot of riding rather than just for casual wear.


Durable shoes are expected to be more expensive but if you think about it, it’s better to invest in shoes that will last a few years rather buying cheap ones that need replacements every few months.

Riders who will be doing a lot of practice for learning more tricks should use durable skating shoes. Wearing shoes that might get damaged while riding can be dangerous.


Shoes that have better grip are highly-recommended for riding. Grip is very important, especially for first-time riders and for those who are doing a lot of practice learning riding tricks for stability and safety purposes.


Cushioning won’t matter a lot if it’s just normal skating but for those who are doing practice for tricks and other techniques, cushioning is very important. Not only will it help you avoid blisters, it actually protects the feet from getting injured by reducing the impact during landing.

These things are what you need to consider when choosing your skateboarding shoes. Some people may add style and appearance on the list as well.





 Emerica Men's The Romero Laced Skateboard Shoe Emerica Men’s The Romero Laced Skateboard Shoe $26 – $65 4.2 / 5
 Lakai Men's Riley Hawk Skate Shoe Lakai Men’s Riley Hawk Skate Shoe$30 – $72 4.5 / 5

Choosing your Skateboarding Shoes

The properties mentioned above are the important qualities that riders should consider when choosing a pair of skateboarding shoes.

Aside from that, there are categories and subcategories that you can choose from for you to decide which shoes will be suited for your riding style and needs.

Skating Shoes Sole


For those who are choosing comfort over durability, vulcanized shoes are the better pick. These soles are glued and melted onto the shoe and are generally thinner than the other sole type. They are also more flexible and provide better feel of the board.


These soles are stitched to the exterior of the shoes instead of being glued. It is actually thicker than the other sole type, thus provides more protection and cushioning from impacts.

Cupsoles are more recommended for beginners and intermediate skaters since they are more durable and they offer more protection – which is good for excessive practice.

Upper Shoe Material


This material is artificially made and is generally lighter than other materials. Canvas is also more flexible but it tends to rip when used excessively.

Suede or Leather

Suede is more durable since it tends to wear out in layers. It also provides more grip on the board with its slightly rough surface.

Choosing the material for the upper part of the shoes is more of a personal preference and usually depends on the taste and fashion sense of the rider. However, since the upper part is more prone to wearing out, suede or leather is more recommended.

There are many skateboarding shoes available in the market coming from huge manufacturers. Few of the popular names include Globe, Emerica, Fallen, DC and Lakai. Athletic giants such as Adidas, Nike SB and Vans ‘Off the Wall” are the trendiest skateboarding shoes available today.

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