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Girl Skateboarding

Girls have different tastes, and if you’re limiting your girl’s toys to only dolls, you’re doing it wrong. Girls are as much attracted to skateboarding as boys are. You don’t hesitate when buying roller skates for your girl, why hesitate buying a skateboard?

Of course, we all know girls might like different styles than boys. Buying the same wooden, boring skateboard for your girl won’t impress her on her birthday.

On the other hand, if you put some thought into it, and buy her a board with colors or designs she likes, you are set to give her a skateboard that will bring her memories to cherish. After all, you want your girl to use the skateboards you’ve gifted her rather than having her put it away in one corner of her room forever.

Girls can be as proficient as boys at skateboarding, and hence we implore you not to hesitate. If you’re generally scared as a parent about accidents, get her the appropriate safety gear. You will be known as the coolest parent for years to come.

If you are looking to buy an amazing skateboard for your girl, here are some models we think she might like.


Kids Skateboard and Protect Gear Combo By Tao Tao Manufacturer Inc.

Safety with a good design is the defining characteristic of this skateboard. As if to quell every parent’s fears, the skateboard comes with a safety helmet and protective gear with the packaging, all equally well-designed and as high quality as the skateboard itself.

The skateboard consists of a 24”x6” maple double side kick deck. The material and feel of the skateboard are very smooth, while also providing adequate grip.

The skateboard also houses 608Z bearings for the smoothest of rides. Though the truck is made of plastic, it is of decent quality and won’t give way as long as it is used for its purpose. This, accompanied with 50x30mm PVC wheels, gives your children the freedom to zip and zap anywhere smoothly.

Keeping in tradition with the brand’s idea of safety, along with the helmet and safety gear, the skateboard also complies with CPSC standards. You can really rest assured knowing this skateboard will do its best to keep your child safe.

The design comes in pink, green, yellow and black, in different designs; flowers, skulls and swirly patterns take space on the deck to make the skateboard look as cool as possible.


Skatro – Mini Cruiser Skateboard

If your girl has a favorite color, you’ll find a skateboard that will give her the colors she wants. Available in dozens of colors, this skateboard is as cool as we make it sound.

The deck is a material which employs the Skatroflexy technology, which is a patented technology by the brand. This allows the material to bend or flex when riding over different surfaces. No strain is too much strain for the deck of this skateboard, and it is exceptionally good for rides to school and such.

The bearings are ABEC-7 which are very standard, smooth and high quality; 59mm polyurethane wheels are used screwed against 3” lightweight aluminum trucks, so the skateboard is incredibly light to carry by hand, and very smooth to ride at the same time.
One added bonus to the skateboard is that it is shipped with a T-tool. The T-tool is separately worth $10 which is added to the total price. With this very handy T-tool, you or your daughter can simply assemble and disassemble your skateboard and always keep it maintained, well-oiled and in top condition.

The skateboard is small and portable. You can take it anywhere with you, on the bus, on the train, and it would look right in place. It is a smart combination of beauty, quality, and price.


PlayWheels Disney Frozen 21″ Wood Cruiser Skateboard – Adventures of Elsa and Olaf Graphic

We know that your daughter might be obsessed with Disney movies, after all, your daughter deserves to be as much of a princess as those in the movies.

If you can’t keep your daughter away from the TV due to these Disney movies, give her something better. Buy her the PlayWheels Frozen Wood Cruiser, and the next thing you know, your daughter will refuse to stop cruising on her skateboard.

The deck is a standard maple wood, like most skateboards. It is also very smooth and durable. Sized at 21”, the deck attaches itself to composite plastic trucks and PVC injected 50mm x 27mm wheels. The bearings are made up of nylon so you can be assured your child will experience the smoothest ride possible.

Despite the high-quality build of the skateboard, it is the beautiful Disney-inspired design of the skateboard that takes the real cake. On one end is a beautiful graphic painting of the famous frozen girls, Elsa and Anna.

On the top face is similar Frozen-inspired designs, complete with animate characters and snowflakes. Watch your daughter lose herself in the world of Frozen while she rides this skateboard.

The skateboard employs a single kick-tail design that allows for greater control and easy braking while skateboarding.
This is an extremely inexpensive skateboard that despite the cost, does not compromise on safety or quality.


Gift your daughter a skateboard today and you’ll know what true happiness is. The above skateboards are the best in design and look which will appeal to almost every girl out there—you know your gift to your daughter will be loved for ages to come.

When you buy your daughter a skateboard, you are also fulfilling one big need for your children. You want your kids to go play outside and not in the home, and skateboards do exactly that. With a skateboard, you gift your child fun and exercise at the same time.

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