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How To Take Care Of Your Skateboard

How To Take Care Of Your Skateboard

Skateboards are designed to be subjected to constant abuse daily. However, they are susceptible to wear and tear.

No matter how durable and strong a skateboard purports itself to be (even if your skateboard is one of the top skateboard brands), it will eventually succumb to breakdown – especially so when you use it regularly or often.

Hence, maintenance and repair are important so you can delay the inevitable breakdown.

So here are some maintenance tips for you to follow in order to prolong the shelf life of you skateboard:

General Care

Avoid exposing your skateboard to temperature extremes or wet environments to prevent deforming the deck or reducing its life.

Additionally, avoid storing it in places which may cause the deck to warp. Decks are disposable by nature, so when you find that there is a need for a new deck, the cheaper way is to replace the deck and keep the trucks so you can install them on the new deck.

Do the Adjustments

There are some parts that will need adjusting in order for your skateboard to function well.

These are the tucks, truck mounting bolts and axle nuts. In this step, you will need crescent or socket wrenches, preferably in 9/16, 3/8 and ½ inch sizes, a Phillips-head screwdriver, or an all-in-one skate tool.

Trucks are important for the turning of the skateboard. They should be properly adjusted to ensure your ability to turn quickly and with stability.

Tight trucks are good for beginners as they need not worry about turning while testing their balance. When you are better at controlling the board, loose trucks are much preferred.

You can adjust your trucks in two steps: first, flip the board upside down to expose the nuts at the edge of the kingpin bolted on each truck; and second, loosen (turn left) or tighten (turn right) the nut on the edges of each truck according to preference.

Axle nuts hold the wheels in place. Every now and then the axle can loosen, so it is recommended to check the skateboard by trying to move the wheel side to side. It should stay in place unless it is loose – otherwise, tighten it.

The nuts that hold the trucks to the deck are made up of nylon with a locking feature that may loosen after some time. Check them regularly for loosening and just adjust them back if they are loose.

These adjustments should be done carefully though in order not to affect the performance of the skateboard.

Grip Tapes and More

Whenever bubbles appear between your grip tape and your board, they can be easily popped by a razor or a pin. The more a skateboard is used, the more attached the grip tape and board should become.

Dirt embedded in the grip tape can be taken care of by the use of wet toothbrush or dab of a  wet towel. However, rubbing the grip tape will case the dirt to spread – this should be avoided.

Do the Cleaning

The time to clean the bearings is if your wheel fails to turn as it should. Each wheel has two bearings – concentrate on one wheel first before switching to the other. First, remove the axle nut and wheel.

Second, remove the bearings from the wheel. If the extent of the damage to your bearings is bigger than expected, it is easier to just replace the problematic bearing with a new one.

These pointers will not prevent breakdown and inevitable inoperability of the skateboard. However, when these steps are followed, it will not only delay the inevitable but will also ensure maximum performance of your board.

Most importantly, regularly maintaining your skateboard will prevent you from encountering foreseeable accidents brought about by overly loose or overtightened parts.

There are top skateboard brands that do not need too much fuss when it comes to cleaning or maintenance. You can easily find them online for further perusal and in depth research.

Yet despite of your skateboard being one of the top skateboard brands, it will still need maintenance like any other skateboard available on the market.

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