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Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard Review

Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard Review

Planning to go around school with style is something a skateboard can do for you. Going from one side of campus to the other can be time consuming, but it won’t be the case when you cruise around with a handy skateboard.

When you’re running late for class, don’t get left behind on foot – pick up a reliable board and you’ll never be late again! Finally, you can’t exactly ride a bike along college hallways and bring it with you to class – but a good skateboard can be carried quite easily with you.

With the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard, you can do all those things and more!

Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard Review

Features of the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard:

  • One (1) 22 in complete Penny woodstock
  • Deck: 22 in (length) x 7.5 in (width)
  • Wheels: 59 mm 78a
  • Bearings: Abec 7 with standard hardware
  • Dimensions: 22.5 in x 6 in x 4 in
  • Item weight: 4.2 lbs
  • Color: Multi
  • Size: 22 in

Benefits of the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard:

With the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard’s 70s vibrant backtrack styles, you will surely stand out in the crowd.

You’ve got plenty of different patterns and designs to choose from so you won’t be stuck with just one monotonous-looking board. The designs are varied enough to fit the taste of both young and the old riders.

Another great thing about the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard is it comes out of the box fully assembled and ready for immediate use. You can skate away to where you want to go after taking it out of the box.

If you’re more of a DIY hands-on customizer, you can make your preferred adjustments first as well.

Either way, you can enjoy your purchase without having to fiddle with assembling everything first – say goodbye to reading assembly manuals and putting the wrong parts in the wrong places.

Another advantage of this particular skateboard is its size. With its small size, the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard is your go-to ride. It can deliver a smooth ride and swift turns around your campus.

You can even carry it around without fuss thanks to its small size and low 4.2-pound weight. You can either stick it in your backpack or keep it safe under your desk chair.

The huge wheels make passing over cracked and bumpy paths effortless. With its equally big bushings, this board makes it easy to make quick, easy turns as well.

The board itself is something to be reckoned with as it can withstand rough landings and heavy jumps without showing any wear or tear.

The bearings are of better quality compared to other available stock bearings on the market; as a result, the board’s somewhat slow turn serves as a safety measure to avoid skating around too fast on the road.

With the performance of the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard, it’s easily the best commuter ride for students, and the friendliest skateboard around for your child to begin practicing on.

It’s also a great board for older people who want to revisit their youth, and a tool for you to enjoy and have good time using.

Things to be Aware Of:

If you are a big rider and you are used to using a long board, you’ll have to ride the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard a few times to get your bearings, as balancing is more challenging on its relatively smaller surface.

All the more, it will be difficult for beginners due to its small size – balancing on a limited space may take time to getting used to. However, when you get your equilibrium and grow comfortable riding it, you’ll find this particular product quite appealing.

There has also been some feedback regarding the skateboard’s bearings – after riding for some time, the bearings may start to squeak and slow you down.

You can purchase more durable bearings that can bear the brunt of your weight and surface impact, though this will likely cost you more than a few bucks.

Bottom Line:

Go retro style while skateboarding around school and other places with the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard! If what you need is a handy and durable board, one that’s easy to carry and that will take you faster to different places, then this is the skateboard you’re looking for.

Most of the reported drawbacks are minor compared to the benefits you will get from purchasing this product! The perfect transportation tool, this board is well worth every dime.

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