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Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard Review

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard Review

Vacation season is fast approaching, and you might be in the mood to try something new to occupy your free time.

Skateboarding is becoming a trend nowadays, especially since it’s not just is a hobby but it makes performing our daily routine and chores faster – going from one place to another is more expedient when you cruise around with a skateboard.

If you are a beginner and you have no first-hand experience with skateboarding, you need a safe and sturdy long board for your starter. Test your speed and balance with the Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard!

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard Review

Features of the Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard:

  • Artisan bamboo longboard
  • Size: 44 in
  • Deck: Multi-ply Maple hardwood
  • Trucks: Rugged 7 in aluminum
  • Wheels: 70 mm PU
  • Kick tail
  • Dimensions: 43 in x 9 in x 44 in
  • Item weight: 8.2 lbs.
  • Color: Black

Benefits of the Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard:

The Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard can hold its own during falls and strong impacts. The ride is smooth with this long board.

With the trucks mounted like a trick skateboard, its deck is high off the ground – which creates a different feel and offers deep turns. The deck, on the other hand, is stiff when it comes to flexibility.

It has a slight camber which allows the board to bear heavier weight without sagging in the middle. The grip tape provides good traction even when wet.

Wheels are mid-range, which makes it just the thing for riding around anywhere. To add, they’re made durably to withstand force and impact.

Skating down rougher roads won’t make for a bumpy ride because the huge wheels will smooth out the bigger bumps. Traction is not an issue with these wheels, with their beveled edges and huge contact patch.

The bearings make this Quest Skateboard run fine out of the box. The tail and kick nose are nice additions that can enable you to lift the front wheels or maneuver out of the way without getting off the board.

This Quest Skateboard is not your typical sized board. With its 44-inch length, there is more room to move around; this is an advantage for first timers as working within a small or limited space will make balancing a wee bit challenging.

With the Quest Skateboard’s large size, even a newbie can get that sense of balance and ease in no time.

For a beginner skateboard, Quest Skateboard is relatively affordable, especially when you consider its quality and performance. You don’t need to go for more expensive skateboards when you can choose a cheaper yet superb ride like Quest Skateboard.

The board is already assembled fresh out of the box. When you receive the package, you can use the board right away or you can make few adjustments before you can ride away with your new longboard.

Things to be Aware Of:

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard has no flex, which makes it easier to use on longer rides and for complicated maneuvers. The board is on the heavy side, so carrying it around might be a bit more arduous.

Also, some reviewers have reported loose trucks out of the box. For your own safety, you’d do well to tighten the trucks first before going full speed or taking a steep downhill.

There’s also been feedback about the bearings of the board needing to be replaced with better-quality ones. It’s a good idea to buy a skate tool to tighten or loosen the parts that need adjustment.

If you’re planning to really get into skating and learn some complicated tricks, the Quest Skateboard might not be the best board.

The Quest Skateboard is great for beginners but the same cannot be said for the expert or experienced skaters who are planning skate professionally. It might be better to look for a skateboard that will cater to your needs better.

Bottom Line:

If skateboarding is novel for you and you want a good board to see you through your first experience, the Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard is the ride you should be looking at.

With its smooth run and its straightforward maneuvering, this board will make your first time skateboarding easy and breezy.

Sturdiness and durability are the two qualities that you should be looking for in a skateboard when you are an inexperienced rider – and both of these assets can be found in Quest Skateboard. You will get your money’s worth with this particular product.

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