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That Skateboard

Santa Cruz Skateboards

Why Do You Need A Skateboard?

Skateboards are used for two purposes:

• For traveling short distances, like to the grocery store, school, park or maybe even your workplace.
• For fun, you could ride through your place or the park and try out simple or complex tricks. whether you’re alone or with friends.

About Santa Cruz Skateboards

The Santa Cruz Longboard Company began producing skateboards in 1973. With their main goal being customer satisfaction, they quickly made a name in the industry for themselves.

Their products are extremely durable and last for many years. Santa Cruz makes longboards while keeping in mind the beginner skateboarder and the more experienced skateboarder. This has led them to be a go to for beginner boards.

Santa Cruz Skateboards have been at the forefront of the skating world. Based in California, it is the one place you can go to for all your skateboarding needs, from skateboards to apparel and accessories. Santa Cruz has the perfect gear to spruce up your skateboarding experience.

Santa Cruz Skateboards use only 100% North American maple wood which is built to last. They have everything from traditional skateboards to kick-tail cruisers for the experienced and speedy skateboarders.

Santa Cruz is also well known for creating visually appealing skateboards. This brand never lets their customers down. They have managed to grab the attention of the younger generation with their Marvel and Star Wars series skateboard designs. From their iconic screaming hand logo to cartoon characters, Santa Cruz has always managed to come up with creative and catchy designs.

If you are buying only the deck, you can always team it up with the variety of wheels that come in various sizes according to your riding style. They are available in a variety of bold colors to make you and your board, stand out.

You also have the option of choosing their complete sets, which come completely assembled with the deck, wheels, grip tape, trucks, and bearings so you can use it as soon as you receive it on your doorstep.


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