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SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down / Drop Through Complete Longboards

SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down

For a lot of people, skateboarding appears to be a very dangerous activity. Well, injuries and mishaps are inevitable but they can mostly be avoided with proper precaution.

The truth is, there is more to skateboarding than meets the eye. Skateboarding, when executed properly, can provide flexibility and relieve tension.

Also, it can serve as a full body workout since you are basically using all the parts of your body to balance while on the board. It also generally improves your physical endurance and stamina.

Skateboarding improves coordination and, depending on the intensity of the skating session, burns up to 150-500 calories per hour.

Skateboarding really is a worthwhile leisure activity. If you are interested about it and would love to get started as soon as possible, all you need to get is a good board to begin with.

The SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down / Drop Through Complete Longboard is currently very popular.

Being one of the most affordable boards out there with a very workable quality and condition makes it a popular product among teens. For less than $50, this board is designed for speed boarding as it offers maximum stability by lowering your body’s center of gravity.

It really is an impressive board for a price that is surprisingly low.

SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down

Key Features

A lot of people are being drawn to this product because of its surprisingly affordable price. For less than $50, this board offers better stability for speed-boarding and durable parts for excessive practice.

Because of its wonderful performance, it gained an average of 4.3 rating on Amazon. Here’s a list of features for the SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down / Drop Through Complete Longboard.

  • Durable board with drop down deck
  • Firm trucks and tight bearing for excellent speed-boarding performance
  • Great size and ideal dimensions for complete longboard
  • Excellent spin on the wheels for easy control and maneuverability
  • Textured grip; perfect for downhill boarding


The SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down / Drop Through Complete Longboard sports a very durable drop down deck that is designed for a more advanced skating level.

The board can endure excessive practice with its durable deck and well-attached parts. The firm trucks and super-tight bearings provide stability, especially when cruising downhill or even on rough roads.

The size and dimensions of the board, coupled with the excellent spin on its wheels allow easy control and great maneuverability. The textured grip and the wheel bite is just enough to execute hard-turning with the board.

With these properties, the SCSK8 is highly-recommended for intermediate skaters who wish to practice and learn more tricks and techniques.


Of course, you can’t expect a perfect skateboard for a price that is less than $50. The board also has its own drawbacks. One of which is the tighter-than-standard trucks.

They should be loosened up a bit for a better spin. Also, the wheels may not be as durable as other products beyond this price point but can always be replaced by a more durable set of wheels.


The SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down / Drop Through Complete Longboard is a pretty decent longboard and a lot of riders choose it because of its price and awesome riding performance.

For those who have a little extra cash to spend on a board, Penny Skateboards Complete Longboard might be something you’d like to consider. It’s more expensive than the SCSK8 but it’s a lot more advanced in terms of construction and quality.


Generally, the SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down / Drop Through Complete Longboard is indeed a competent product not only in terms of price but with the quality and overall performance as well.

It rides smoothly and allows the rider to achieve stability easily. It performs really well for downhill boarding, especially when the bearings get upgraded.

The quality of the materials is very impressive considering the board’s price point. This is a highly-recommended product not only for newbies but for intermediate skateboarders, too.

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