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Skateboard Grip Tape

Skateboard Grip Tape

A skateboard without a grip tape is incomplete. However, it is often overlooked and not
given its due importance.

Without a good skateboard grip tape, you will not have the traction to stay on the board
while doing your tricks – like single ollie or kickflips. So, it is very crucial to find the right
grip tapes.


Below are some popular skateboard grip tapes.

1. Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black 9″ BUBBLE FREE

Touted to be the number-one choice of professional skateboards, Mob Skateboard Grip Tape is a premium
skateboard grip tape. It comes without air bubbles, which enables an easy application.
If you wish to skate like pros, and be hooked to your skateboard without falling, you
require a grip tape that is adequately sticky to keep your grips on. Mob grip tape is one
such grip tape that promises the best grip and stickiness.

 Perforated and bubble-free grip tape
 Grip that will not wear out – made of exclusive silicon-carbide grit
 Waterproof grip tape with high strength
 Tear-proof and long lasting effects
 Super sticky adhesive that remains untainted in any weather condition

 It offers the best in terms of durability and performance. You can be assured of a
good grip
 Be confident when doing tricks and stay grounded to your skateboard
 The bubble-free tape makes it easy to use and apply on your skateboard
 Long-lasting stickiness that is not prone to wear out over time

Things to Be Aware of
There are some concerns with the grip tape’s tendency to burn holes in your shoes after
prolonged usage. The product is very strong and hence tends to wear out your shoes.
But a pair of sturdy skate shoes should do the trick.

Bottom Line
If you are looking for a super grip, and don’t mind taking the risk of wearing out your
shoes, then Mob is the best skateboarding grip tape for you. It provides a lasting, sticky
effect with great performance.

2. Black Diamond Longboard Grip Tape Sheet Black 10 x 48

A grip tape that is long enough to cover your longboards, Black Diamond Longboard Skateboard Grip Tape is a
good quality skateboarding grip tape that serves the needs. It is easy to apply in your
boards. When compared to other grip tapes which are not that easy to cut through, Black

Diamond grip tape is easy to cut.
It comes with a relatively lower price tag, which makes it a great buy. Also, the size of the
grip take is longer. This means that you can even use it for multiple projects or multiple

 10” x 48” sheet gives a perfect long fit for any size skateboard or longboard
 Easy application – comes as rolled-up tape, then can be easily cut and applied
 Super adhesive with good grit quality
 Durable and not prone to wear out over time

 Keep your feet locked onto your skateboards and longboards while doing any tricks
or moves
 The sheet is long enough to cover most of the longboards and even multiple boards
 High-quality grip tape that stands the test of time
 Easy to install grip tape

Things to Be Aware of
This product is highly recommended by all customers. However, it is not waterproof. This
means that in wet conditions, it might not be as effective. Nevertheless, considering the
price and the lengthy size of the grip tape, it sure does a good job and offers an
awesome grip.

Bottom Line
A grip tape that is easy on the pocket and effective, Black Diamond offers the best quality
in terms of durability and easy application. Long enough for longboards, and serves the
purpose of offering you a great grip while making any skateboarding moves.

3. Quest Boards Pro Longboard Skateboard Grip Tape Color Black Size 48

Peel and stick this grip tape to any of your deck surfaces and cruise along with great
safety. The Quest Boards Pro Longboard Skateboard Grip Tape features a super sticky glue that stands the test of
time. This product is designed by boarders keeping in mind the comfort and safety of

 10” x 48” sheet of black tape with the Quest Board logo
 Perforated and bubble-free tape that allows air to escape
 Super tough grit with super sticky adhesive
 Product is designed by boarders for boarders exclusively

 Pocket-friendly price that fits most of the longboards
 Easy application with bubble-free surface
 Strong and sturdy grip with a course texture
 Get the best boarding experience and stay stuck to your boards with the super grip
offered by this product

Things to Be Aware of
Since the product comes rolled-up, a few customers had a tough time flattening it out.
Also, the product is not waterproof and might not hold together well when exposed to
moisture. It comes with its logo, unlike other grip tapes.

Bottom Line
A great buy for its relatively lower price, Quest Boards grip tape offers value for your
money. Its wide length and low price, with uncompromised quality, makes this product
stand out.

4. 9″ x 33″ Skateboard Griptape/Grip Tape 1 sheet by Black Widow

The 9″ x 33″ Skateboard Griptape/Grip Tape 1 sheet, Clear, by Black Widow, is a great grip tape that comes in jazzy colors and
patterns. Apart from the standard black color, you have multiple colors to choose from
and further embellish your skateboard.
Skate with good grip and avoid falling off, no matter what moves you do. This grip tape
offers good quality at a good price.

 9” x 33” grip tape that suffices for skateboards
 Comes with the Black Widow logo
 Sticky adhesive with good grit and grip that won’t peel in extreme conditions
 Comes as semi-folded tape for easy application

 Assurance of good grip. Stay locked onto your skateboard with this super grip tape
 Durable and not prone to wear out over time
 Available in great color choices that will make your board stand out
 The fine texture of the grip tape allows for easy application

Things to Be Aware of
Most of the customers had concerns with its packaging. Since it is folded and not rolled-
up, it raises some difficulties to stick the tape on the board. There are air pockets and
bubbles present at the areas, where the tape was folded. However, with a little flattening,
you can make it work for you and apply with ease.

Bottom Line
This grip tape is a great adhesive with good quality. Available at a good price, select from
multiple color and pattern options to jazz up your boards. Take advantage of this no-slip

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