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That Skateboard’s Top US Parks

Here is our US based list of prime skating parks. If you visit one of these towns, you gotta give the park a try. 

1. Commonwealth Skateboarding - Portland, OR


Built in 2012 Commonwealth is a great relatively new skate park that spans 4500 square feet. Located at 1425 SE 20th Portland, OR, Commonweath also contains a full service skate and sneaker shop added in 2013. The skatepark features a double pocket bowl, one with pool coping, one with steel coping. They also have a mini ramp, bank and small street section with a mix of rails, boxes and pole jams.

2. Louisville Extreme Park - Louisville, KY


Located near the Louisville Waterfront, extreme park is a 40000 square foot park of awesomness. Owned and operated by the city, the park is easabily recognized by its 24 foot full pipe. Add in the 24 hour access, rest rooms, and lighting and you have a haven for skaters. The park offers a great balance of street-style, transition style and vert.

3. Venice Beach Skate Park - Venice Beach, CA

Venice Beach

Former stomping ground of Jay Adams and Tony Alva, Venice Beach Skate Park touts 16000 square feet of park. 2 bowls, a large street course, and a snake run combined with the ambiance of the ocean makes Venice Beach Skate Park a site to be seen.

4. Vans Skatepark at the Block - Orange, CA

Bolstering a 20000 square foot street course, a sick combi pool, an 80 feet wide mini ramp getting as high as 9 feet, an outdoor section, and finally a mini course for beginners Vans Skatepark is a must visit in the O.C.

5. Denver Skatepark - Denver, CO


60,000 square feet of bowls, pipes, and street terrain. One of the best free skateparks in the US, the Devner Skatepark has sections for all stages of rider and even bolsters lighting for nighttime. Pro tip: The surface is a bit slick at times and takes some getting used to.

6. Skatepark of Tampa - Tampa Bay, FL

One of the top skating venues on the East Coast, SPoT boasts a terrain style pro course, beginners area, and a constantly reconfigured street section. Featured in video games like Tony Hawk’s Underground as well as tv shows such as Rob and Big. You can’t go wrong getting a session in at SPoT.

7.North Houston Skate Park - Houston, TX

Massive 10 acre park. Free admission. Helmet required. A 12 foot vert ramp, a 10 foot deep bowl, as well as the  the 360-degree pipe are 3 or the parks of the main features. Clean park, free admission and safe (helmets required).  

8. Modern Skatepark - Royal Oak, MI

Crazy indoor park. Spectacular street course combined with a big bowl. The park hosts events all of the time and you can actually rent the park for birthdays as well. What a cool way to treat your child!!!

9. Burnside Skatepark - Portland, OR

Created in 1990 by a few Portland skaters, Burnside is arguably one of the greatest DIY skateparks ever. Located under the Burnside Bridge, gives an impressive ambiance as skaters take on big bowls and seamless transitions. The nostalgia is worth a trip. With looming battles against the growth of Portland and at times “rough” appearance of the crowd, skaters are worried of what is to come of the park. Visit now, while you can.

10. Berrics - Los Angeles, CA

Iconic private skatepark owned by Steve Berra and Eric Koston. Featuring an annual Battle and the Berrics tournament, this park is where riders can quickly get known. Featuring nice rails and dispersed ramps, as well as the constant maintenance, makes Berrics the icon it is known to be.

What do you think about our list? What prime spots did we miss? Your feedback is appreciated!

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