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Top 5 electric skateboards 2017

The electric bike, the hover board, the electrics bike and finally the electric skateboard! Today we showcase our top 5 electric skateboards for 2017. While we all love getting our sweat on, electric skateboards provide a wide variety of additional benefits. Even though you don’t work as hard, an electric skateboard can bring hours of fun.

When choosing an electric skateboard durability and battery life are your main concerns. Design, however, is a bit more trickier. Boards range in regards to speed, steering, weight, and control. Got a long commute? You’ll want a board with a long, stable life. Need more adventure? Some boards come hopped up with great speed and amazing steering.

We start off with the LiftBoard Single Motor Belt Driven Electric Skateboard, Black, 39″. Beautiful 7 ply maple deck with a 14.8 lbs carrying weight. It has a top speed of 16 mph and and 18 mile range. Battery charges in 3 hours and the board has a wireless remote system. This is a great board for beginners.

  • Belt driven 900-watt motor speeds up to 16 mph
  • Wireless remote controls speed, ABEC 5 bearings
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides up to 16-mile range
  • 7-ply maple wood deck delivers durability and strength
  • Polyurethane 80mm wheels enable high speeds
  • Weight capacity of 265 lbs for safe riding
  • Built-in handle grip for convenient carrying
  • Wireless remote for easy operation

The BENCHWHEEL Penny Board 1000W Electric Skateboard, Black, 27″ is also a great board. Easy to use and comes paired with the remote out of the box. Its modern black design is stylish and the light weight makes it great for kids. With 7 layers of maple and 2 of fiberglass, this board is tough! The one down side is its 7 mile range, but bigger batteries come with a cost both in price and weight.

  • Max speed of 15.5 MPH with up to 7 miles per charge
  • Long lasting brushless motor with high performance PU wheels
  • 1.5 hr quick charge with high performance Lithium-Ion Battery
  • ECO Friendly bamboo and maple board for light weight design
  • Less than 11lb, portable enough to carry indoor, public, or in the trunk of a car

TheMAXFIND Board Dual Motor Wheels Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control has several factors that make it stand out: top speed (17 mph depending upon the weight of the rider), range (10 miles, again with the same qualification), charging time (1 hr.) and weight (13.1 pounds). The board itself is well constructed and all of the parts seem sturdy. The remote, may intermittently loses connection with the board, which is can be an annoyance. Overall, this board meets the criteria for an entry level board.

  • Electric Skateboard Product Weight: 5.5 kg (12.1lbs)
  • Charge Time: About 60 mins / Class IP65 waterproof
  • Battery Type: SAMSUNG 18650 Lithium-ion
  • Max speed: 28km/h(17mph) ( depends on user’s weight and road situation ) Max Mileage : < 16Km /10mile ( average 12 ~ 16km) will affected by riders’ weight, riding skills, speed, road, etc) Max Weight Limit: 100 KG/ 220.2 LBS

The Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard is one beast of a board. This board is of durable quality and highly reliable. This board with the extra power can overcome some hills that inferior boards cannot. This boards torque will make you act like a kid the first time you step on it. With that being said, some users complain of motor failure after riding on wet pavement or in the rain, so be cautious.

  • Accelerate like a sports car. A revolutionary 2,000 watts of power means a completely new riding experience. The world’s only dual-drive system lets you accelerate up any hill and brake to a complete stop on the way back down.
  • Easier to learn. Advanced software means adjustable power and speed levels for all skill levels. Graduate to the highest levels of performance.
  • Carve like a real snowboard. Ride a top quality 100% bamboo longboard with true deck flexibility. Get better handling, ride quality, and maneuverability. Snowboarders, skiers, kite boarders, and surfers will rejoice.
  • Made in California with high-quality construction . Don’t settle for Chinese-made knockoffs. We use aerospace-grade batteries, machined metal, and composites instead of cheap plastic.

We end with the big boy. The Atom Longboards Atom Electric B36 Board boasts and impressive 3600W dual belt drive. The B36 has large wheels for a typical longboard and the deck also rides much higher off the ground, about 4 inches from the center of the wheels, meaning it might not be as aerodynamic as other longboards. The carry handle makes transporting easier than vertical holding. The board has virtually no wobble or flex, making it very sturdy and controllable.

  • Powerful 3600W motor – whether you’re built like a line-backer or live in San Francisco the extra power the B.36 boasts will not go astray
  • Superior software – atom electric’s b-series boards offer the smoothest acceleration and braking available thanks to their foc sine-wave controller
  • Safe batteries – we use the best Lithium cells available and features 100% of them using peak charge and discharge rates before putting them in a board
  • Regenerative braking – atom electric boards not only stop safely and reliably, they charge your battery while doing it. Go the extra mile with atom
  • Best value for money – because atom’s designers are riders, we understand where it’s okay to save money and most importantly where it’s not

So that is it for today, we have shown you some great electric board with some great features. You can’t go wrong with one of these picks. Stop in again at for the next great review and advice articles.

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