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Skateboarding. Cool. The two go hand in hand like bread and butter. Go to any skateboarding ring today and you can see it thronged by dozens of kids showing off their cool skateboards and attempting skateboard tricks.

And even when they’re not having fun with their skateboards, they’re using it for transport—the coziest and coolest form of transport.

There is more to skateboarding than simply a pastime. Skateboarding is life for some people out there, and rightly so. Few other things give as much thrill and pleasure as zooming past others on a skateboard, defying both physics and time.

Kids are a magnet for skateboards—try keeping your kid away from the skateboards section of any shopping mall.

And in response to this love for skateboarding that kids have, the market has put out dozens of great kid-friendly skateboards. Now, they can have fun all the way to and from school, and style on top of transportation with the amazing available boards!

If you’re a parent who worries a lot, and views skateboarding as dangerous, worry not. These skateboards are kid-friendly and designed for the commute. You can get safety gear and a helmet to go along with your kid’s skateboard.

If you’re a skateboard pro or a skateboarding enthusiast, you might be in search for buying a high quality and good looking skateboard. If the thought of buying a skateboard has crossed your mind, you’ve come to the right place.

The thing about skateboards is they also double up as excellent birthday gifts. So if your friend or kid’s birthday is near, take a look at a few of the best skateboards available on the market.

Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard

This skateboard does not conform to style statements; this is the style statement. This “color bomb” of a skateboard feels as good on the legs as it looks.

Fit with an ABEC-7 high-speed bearings, Shop 709 Corp adds a layer of quality to go with the skateboard’s good looks. With good bearings and proper maintenance, you can make sure the skateboard lasts long and serves you well for years to come.

Don’t limit this skateboard to kids only. If you are a savvy adult, this skateboard is as much for you as it is for the younger ones.

The skateboard comes in a variety of color combinations—purple, black and pink; green, yellow and pink; red, white and aqua; the list is simply endless. Made completely of aluminum alloy, the body is the show stopper here, brightly colored, on the backdrop of an equally well-designed color combination of wheels. The wheels are super smooth and highly durable, so there is no compromise when you buy this product.

Ancheer Skull Wood Cruiser Skateboard

Is a dual color or tri-color skateboard too boring for your taste? Looking for that something extra rather than simply buying a boring wooden skateboard? Look no further than the Ancheer Skull Wood Cruiser.

While the top face of the skateboard stays a monochrome black, it is the bottom face that means to draw attention to you. With an awesome selection of designs, you are sure to get praise from those around. The designs are made in one base color, over which many other colors or designs are added. Some standard designs include those of skulls, palm trees, and other cool designs.

The body of the skateboard is of high-strength, high-quality maple wood. The wheels are made of PU and the bearings of alloy. The trucks are made up of aluminum. All this also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’re basically buying a high-quality skateboard that promises to stay with you your whole life.

Ancheer claims that the skateboard is ideal for all skill levels, and rightly so. With an optimum size, any person of any age, and any amount of skateboarding experience can use this product.

When buying this model, you’re not just paying for a cool looking skateboard. With a good fix on the price, this skateboard does everything you’d want it to do and stays in good shape while you’re showing off tricks in the rink.

Kryptonics 30" Cutaway Cruiser Complete Skateboard

Though the Kryptomics Complete Cruiser doesn’t boast of being as colorful as the ones above, there is no compromise in style with this skateboard. This is one of the most powerful mixes of style and quality among skateboards on the market.

The skateboard is sized at 30” and made with a 8-ply maple wood. Made by Kryptonics, a 50-year-old master of skateboard design, this is the skateboard you want to choose, if skateboarding is the thing that drives you.

The wooden body has a cozy traditional feel to it, the way the best skateboards are made. To the maple wood deck, polyurethane wheels are attached along with high precision ABEC-3 bearings, so you have the sharpest and smoothest ride to wherever you’re going. The trucks are made of 4” heavy-duty aluminum. There are 12mm angled riser pads fitted, so the skateboard supports greater weights and faster speeds while never giving way.

These skateboards are not lacking in the design department either, with a standard wooden deck, there is a splash and a tint of black along the wooden surface. There is also a well-designed Kryptonics logo on the underside. On the lower face, a slight tint of blue is added, along with a faint design to give the skateboard a cool, aesthetic look.

The skateboard also employs a single kick-tail design which allows for a high level of control and easy braking or stopping. This skateboard is recommended for all age groups above 8 years of age.


Whatever your tastes are where buying a skateboard is concerned, any one of the above three will fit well into every niche. Either for kids or adults, for high skill stunts or simply for the commute, the above skateboards do everything, and they are good at it too.

We hope you have a safe and happy time skateboarding and learning new tricks in the future.

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